Police Shoot Homeless Man Camping In Albuquerque (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A homeless New Mexico man who was illegally camping in the Albuquerque foothills was fatally shot by police. New helmet camera video released by the Albuquerque Police Department on Friday shows the moment 38-year-old James Boyd turns his back to officers and then gets shot dead. Despite overwhelming criticism to the shooting, the department says its officers were justified, KRQE reported. Boyd was shot on Sunday, March 16. Police Chief Gorden Eden said officers approached Boyd, who was sleeping, to speak to him about illegally camping in an open space, according to the Albuquerque Journal.

Watch the full video titled ‘APD releases HelmetCam footage of shooting’ here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DngOL6…

*Read more here from Sebastian Murdock at The Huffington Post:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/03…


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One Response to “Police Shoot Homeless Man Camping In Albuquerque (GRAPHIC VIDEO)”
  1. Badlandsbabe says:

    The Dept. Of Justice has been here investigating APD for years, this is just another waste of tax payer money. While the DOJ has been here investigating these murders continue to play out & nothing is being done. Constant killing & senseless murders & if killing the homeless guy camping on the mesa who had no where to go…. like that situation required the cold blooded murder you witnessed in the video that involved 20 plus officers & a K-9 unit & this issue
    couldn’t have been remedied by a police officer who knows how to communicate with a voucher in hand from the Red Cross giving this mentally ill homeless man a free motel room for a night… Imagine that an act of humanitarianism…or killing the desert storm vet with PTSD that they blocked in the 7-11 parking lot who’s on his cell phone with his mom & holding a gun to his temple the entire time…The only thing he requested from the cop was a cigarette & of course he was denied & yet again there it was… the window of opportunity presented itself to possibly defuse the situation…the cop says I don’t smoke but, you know what you look like you could use a cigarette I’ll go into the 7-11& I’ll buy some cigarettes if you need one & maybe we can talk a little bit…Can you imagine applying some compassion for a desert storm vet who had done several tours & was suffering from PTSD & in a desperate way at that moment….Yeah they helped him alright…Bang & if those everyday killings aren’t enough then they kill their spouses rather than get divorced & welcome their buddies from the tamper with evidence to make it appear the spouse committed suicide…meanwhile continue to carry on the illicit & corrupt lifestyles that some of them lead & they can count on a D.A. who’s welcome was worn out years ago & rather than do what a decent D.A. is supposed to do by protecting the public from bad cops…yet again she excuses & justifies this behavior always & completely…She’s part of the problem…This is not a police force, it’s raw sewage. Everyone of them lack proper training… Where are the trained mental health personnel who are dedicated professionals & work in the field of mental health daily….Not some cop who just happened to take a class on the subject & Where the fuck are the trained negotiators on the force..? Again not some beat cop who took a course on the subject…The lack of communication skills & being taught how to communicate in an effective way in all circumstances… Yelling isn’t communicating… Every call is different & this is my point… The force treats every call the same…No two humans are the same, every situation is as different as we all are & if you don’t have the common sense & proper training & necessary skills to deal with that accordingly then you have no business being a cop, because there’s a helluva lot more to being a cop then just knowing how to murder someone. The lack of professionalism, the lack of common sense, the lack of regard for human life & how eager they always are to take it is beyond sick & sad… APD is a total embarrassment to me, to the city, to the state of NM & to the United States of America. They ought be a total embarrassment & disgrace to themselves in such a way that they see fit to implement necessary changes but, I realize that’s asking way to much when they can sleep every night with their heads wedged that far up their asses. Mind you this is just MY opinion. Thanks for giving me the place & space for my rant. If they want respect from the community then they need to start respecting the community & if not like I suspect they will continue to carry out the senseless acts of murder they are fast becoming famous for….Bravo boys Bravo.
    March 22 at 5:36pm

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